List of Brands of Cat Food from A to E

List of Brands of Cat Food from A to E

Here''s an alphabetical list of brands of cat food from A to E. I''ve listed all the cat food brand names you''ve probably heard of as well as some that may be new to you.

Not all of these are healthy cat food brands. Interestingly, many brands you haven''t heard of are often the healthier ones.

It seems that the not-so-healthy pet foods and the cheap cat food brands actually advertise a lot more, so you''ve probably seen them on TV.

Click on any of the brands of cat food for more information, AND to find out if this is a healthy choice for your cat or kitten.

Brands of Cat Food List - "9 Lives" through "Evo"

9 Lives comes in both wet and dry cat food. They have different flavors (poultry, beef and fish) and specialty formulas (UTI, kitten, active, etc.). You can buy 9 Lives on line and at almost any supermarket.

Abady is a brand you probably haven''t heard of. "The Robert Abady Dog Food Company" sells raw pet food for dogs and cats mostly on the East Coast. This one may be hard to find even at specialty pet supply stores.

AvoDerm Natural is made by an "all natural" pet food company. Their "secret" ingredient is avocados. The same company (Breeder''s Choice) also makes Pinnacle Feline food. Both of these healthy cat food brands can be bought on-line and at the better pet food stores.

Authority Pet Food is PetSmart.com''s in-house brand of cat food. They have specialty formulas in dry kibble.

Blue Cat Food is "all natural" and comes from The Blue Buffalo Co. Specific names are Blue Spa Select, Blue Healthy Gourmet, Blue Longevity, etc. They have special formulas and dry and canned cat food.

California Natural is made by Natura Pet Products, Inc., along with other healthy brands of cat food such as Innova, Evo and Karma. California Natural has limited ingredients and is a "hypoallergenic pet food."

CD Cat Food. See Hill''s Prescription.

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover''s Soul Brand Cat Food has healthy ingredients for cats and kittens. It comes dry and canned and in special formulas.

Diamond Pet Food for cats comes in Diamond and Diamond Natural. They have canned and dry foods.

Eagle Pack Cat Food, aka Eagle Cat Food, is holistic and "natural." It comes in canned and dry and has various flavors and formulas. You can buy Eagle on line and in better pet supply stores.

Eukanuba is manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, the same company that manufactures Iams. It comes in dry, canned and specialty formulas.

Evo is made by Natura Pet Products, the same company that makes California Natural. Evo is a healthy grain free cat food. You can buy these healthy cat food brands online and at many pet supply stores, not supermarkets.

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